Needle Punch Multi Sports Surface

Sand Filled Surface MUGA
Sand Filled Surface MUGA

The Needle punched surface is a durable surface which is ideal for School use due to its longevity and reduced maintenance.

This play surface comes in a variety of colours and designs and can have sports lines cut in, this surface is suitable for Hockey, Netball, Tennis and Five a side football along with ideal for general games areas as we can install such games as Hopscotch and Target Games.

This can be a cost effective way of covering existing Tarmac playgrounds and rubber wet pour areas as there is minimal ground works required.

The surface is filled with sand which due to the interlocking fibres stays in the surface rather than getting kicked about and removed therefore maintenance is reduced.

This picture shows the Needle punch surface installed onto an existing tennis court to create a new sports surface facility, this was completed in four days with minimal disruption and the sand will drop into the pile with use.

Access to the area was poor so an ideal solution was to overlay rather than install new sub base.


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