Sports Court Overlays

Sports surface
Enclosed Games Areas

Rejuvenating existing sports pitches/ tennis courts is a great way to get a new outdoor playground surface without all the associated hassle of ground works!


The existing outdoor playground surface is cleaned and repaired if needed in readiness for the new playground turf. This is then directly laid onto the Tarmac base, in order to provide a cushioned playground surface for multi use.


Shock pads can be added, should the need arise, and 3G surfacing can be used as well as the Needle punch playground turf which we install lots of.


We start the process off by inspecting your original tarmac area and repairing any areas requiring work. Our needle punch surface is then fitted directly onto the existing surface. This is a very cost effective way of creating a new sports court for you!


Out with the Old and In with the New!


Replacing old with new also cuts down the install time and removes the need for any large plant on site. This method too can be done all year round, even when the weather isn't great, as we wont make a mess of your field/garden.


As always, we can provide whichever sports markings you require, added to the surface. The variety of colours for the top surface is extensive, making your sport/play safety surfacing a vibrant and interesting area for children.


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References are available on request.